Friday, 19 April 2013

Recorded Feedback After Screening Of Video

Audience Feedback

Here is some audience feedback we received after posting our final video on 'Facebook'. The feedback and comments we received were very complimentary and positive and therefore taught me and Maddie how the production of digipaks and first screenings are key to its success as you constantly notice corrections until it is perfect.

Final Music Video

Thursday, 21 March 2013

Feedback and Plans - 21/03/13

After presenting our music video to the class we realised how our location are good but maybe too much of the same and not a wide enough variety. We received comments such as 'you see the brick wall and wait for something to happen and nothing does' and this has therefore convinced to shorten our shots and make them more fast paced. We are going to be making the band look more fun and adventurous by filming in a arcade/cinema to get a real fun and friendly ambaince. We have realised how the bands personality is not being represented as much as we truly wanted it to be and therefore by including pub locations as well as bowling it will make it more relatable and interesting and also make the performers (mostly adam) more comfortable in front of the camera and this therefore will make it look more natural.